Construction Design Manual

Manual of Design Criteria & Standard Specifications for the Construction of Public Improvements
The Town of Lyons hereby adopts by reference the design and engineering specifications entitled "Manual of Design Criteria and Standard Specifications for the Construction of Public Improvements" (the "Construction Design Manual"). The Construction Design Manual provides design and construction specifications for all public improvements, public facilities, and public utility systems (collectively "improvements").

The Construction Design Manual shall apply to all construction of all public improvement required by the Lyons Municipal Code. A copy of the Construction Design Manual shall be available for public inspection and purchase at the office of the Town Clerk. Notwithstanding any ting in the Lyons Municipal Code to the contrary, in the event that a conflict exists in the standards established by the Construction Design Standards and the Lyons Municipal Code or any adopted code made a part of the Lyons Municipal Code, the most stringent shall govern. Ordinance 733, 10-14-1(A)

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