Lodging options in Lyons allows the opportunity for visitors to experience the unique and colorful attributes of Town, while additionally serving as an important element to Lyons' economy. As nontraditional short-term lodging options (such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) have become more prevalent throughout the country, the Town's Planning and Community Development Commission and Board of Trustees have established ordinances to regulate such uses. These regulations have been set with the greater intent of mitigating adverse impacts to residents and the character of a neighborhood, regulation, and maintenance of the associated public benefits and services.

As a Lyons resident, the Town encourages you to familiarize yourself with the policies in place.  

Short-Term Rentals

To use or operate a dwelling unit as a short-term rental (STR), such as Airbnb, VRBO, or other online listing services, a Lyons Short-Term Rental License must be obtained, and lodging occupation taxes must be reported on a monthly basis.

To obtain the required license, STRs must meet the following standards:
  • The proposed STR must be the principal residence of the owner, and the owner must occupy the premise of the STR for at least nine (9) months per calendar year 
  • The owner must self-certify that design and safety standards are met 
  • The owner must obtain a Colorado sales tax license and collect, report, and pay sales tax (or a contract from a third-party agency - e.g. AirBnb - to collect, report, and pay sales tax on the applicant’s behalf) 
  • The owner must submit the required application form, safety certification form, and associated fees 
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Lodging Occupation Tax (Fee)

Effective January 1, 2023, pursuant to the Town of Lyons Municipal Code Sec. 4-10-30, there is an occupation tax on every person/business that furnishes any hotel or motel room, lodging room, motor hotel room, guest house room, bed & breakfast room, campsite or other similar accommodations within the Town of Lyons for less than thirty (30) consecutive days, in the amount of 5% per night per occupied lodging room, accommodation, or campsite.

All hosts of short-term lodging accommodations (including Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) must submit the Lodging Occupation Tax Report form, along with full payment, on or before the 20th of each month. Returns are required monthly, even if you are reporting a $0 amount.

The return form includes instructions and additional information on the occupation lodging tax report.

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