Mapping and GIS

Maps and Applications

Lyons Citizen GIS Portal

Citizen Portal Thumbnail
Use this map to access general TOL information, including zoning, site address points, and more.

Floodplain Mapping

2019 Adopted Best Available Data

DRAFT 2016 Floodplain Map
View Lyons' proposed DRAFT floodplain map, as re-mapped by Colorado Hazard Mapping Program in 2019.
 Learn more about Colorado Hazard Mapping.
If you'd like to leave feedback or ask a question, click here to be directed to a feedback submission page.
Review Lyons' current floodplain map, adopted by FEMA in 2012.

2012 FEMA Insurance Rate Map

Existing Floodplain Map
Boulder County Unincorporated Draft Floodplain Mapping
Boulder County has prepared draft floodplain maps for unincorporated Boulder County. Boulder County's draft floodplain maps and feedback submission can be found here.

Engineering & Utilities Mapping

Lyons Stormwater Master Plan

Stormwater Mapping Thumbnail
This plan, completed in 2016 updates a previous plan from April 1998. In addition to the basic updates of that plan, this plan modernizes the techniques used for runoff determination at various storm events, introduces concepts of updated codes and standards, water quality treatment of runoff, areas at risk for flooding or inundation during various runoff events, and other important elements of a stormwater master plan.

Public Art

Lyons Public Art Map

Public Art Map Screenshot
View locations of existing and proposed public art within Lyons.

Story Maps

lmj park story map
 Take a walk through time and explore the history of LaVern M. Johnson Park with this story map.