US 36/Main Street Streetscape Project

before and concept landscape

The Town of Lyons continues progress on the Lyons Streetscape Project. Improvements include a traffic signal at the Stone Canyon/McConnell Drive intersection at US 36. It also includes landscaping and drainage from the Black Bear Hole parking lot west to 3rd Avenue. This project was placed on temporary hold in the wake of the September 2013 flood.

This project includes Federal, State, County and Local funds.  The Town would like to acknowledge the financial and contracting partners in this project, which include: Boulder County, Colorado Department of Transportation, and Denver Regional Council of Governments.

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  1. Aaron Caplan

    Director of Utilities
    Phone: 303-823-6622, ext. 42

Main St. Streetscape Landscaping and Parking

Main St. Streetscape Landscaping and Parking
Proposed Project Schedule
The following is the latest proposed project schedule. Please note that the schedule is subject to unforeseen construction issues, weather, etc. Additionally, the Town cannot predict exact details when work will be done in specific areas, e.g. in front of particular businesses, etc.
This page will regularly be updated with the latest schedule and anticipated work plans. 

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Proposed Schedule

First Traffic Signal Pole Installation

US 36 1st Signal Pole

Three of Four Signal Pole Installed

US 36 Signal Poles 3 up one to go

Intersection Plan

Pages from Lyons US36 PLANS~Intersection Plan (2)

Signal Plan

Pages from Lyons US36 PLANS~Signal Plan (2)