Food Truck and Catering Licensing

All mobile food vendors are required to have a Town of Lyons Business License. The Lyons Municipal Code allows mobile food vendors to park on commercially zoned lots and prohibits vendors from operating on town property or while in motion (LMC10-9-20). Food trucks may work with a local Lyons business or property owner to operate. A food truck must be invited by a commercial property in order to operate in Town. 

The application for mobile food vendors is available online. The information they are required to submit includes:

  • Owner information
  • Location truck wishes to park/operate
  • Sales Tax ID
  • Retail Food License
  • Grease Disposal Plan (if disposing within the Town of Lyons)

After the application has been reviewed and the applicant has paid, the applicant will be issued a Town of Lyons Business License along with a Mobile Food Vendor Permit listing authorized addresses for operation. 

Business License Application for Mobile Food Vendors

If a licensed food truck would like to add a location to their permit, they may submit this form:

Additional Locations for Mobile Food Vendors

License Fee

The Town of Lyons Business License fee is $50.00  Payment can be dropped off or mailed to Town Hall:

Attn: Business Licenses
Lyons Town Hall
P.O. Box 49
Lyons, CO 80540

Sales Tax

All mobile food vendors are required to collect and remit sales tax (LMC 4-4). 

Businesses are required to remit sales tax to the Colorado Department of Revenue for their sales in the Town of Lyons. See the Colorado Department of Revenue's website on Sales & Use Tax for more information and to file. 

As a statutory Town,  the Town of Lyons sales tax is collected and remitted to the State of Colorado Department of Revenue. We have created a Sales Tax Brochure PDF for all local businesses and vendors in Lyons. If you have questions, please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue

To learn more about sales tax and how to remit, please contact Town Hall at 303-823-6622. 

Important Business Regulations

Town of Lyons Sales Tax (LMC 4-4)
Peddlers, Vendors and Solicitors (LMC 10-9)
Streets and Sidewalks (LMC 11-1)
Non-Residential Zoning Regulations (LMC 16-3)
Contractors Registrations (LMC 6-3)
Grease and Sand and Oil Traps Required (LMC 13-4-140)