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Must See & Do: Grit. Grace. Gratitude.

Show your GRIT.
Share your GRACE.
Speak your GRATITUDE.

Loving Lyons, Through Thick and Thin

It has been said that “we shall be known by the company we keep,” and in Lyons, Colorado this mantra has been ever present over the years through the trials and tribulations of growing and changing as a small and historic municipality, wading through flood waters, navigating evacuations and temporary housing, rebuilding our assets and infrastructure, and now enduring the deep and daunting impacts of the current pandemic.

Truth: we need each other. That’s how we get through tough times.

We are hardwired as humans for connection, collaboration and relationship. Our brains rely on other humans to thrive emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Biology and neuroscience confirm this.

Which means that here in Lyons, we are inextricably linked by geography AND community.

And in this current climate of locking down, staying at home, and tending to ourselves, our families and our wellbeing, now is the time. The time to once again pause and take inventory. Reflect. Be present.

Show up.

Share gratitude.

For living here. In Lyons. The place that holds us, nurtures us and provides for us.

The little town with BIG love.

That’s what the Town of Lyons team hopes, anyway. And that’s why they kicked off in May their “Lyons Love” community campaign.

Over the summer, in safer-at-home fashion, the town’s “Lyons Love” campaign will offer creative opportunities to engage with our public spaces, our parks, our trails, and our amenities, including:

-a community scavenger hunt;

-a gratitude wall;

-a local hero thank-you effort;

-a photo, art and video contest;

-coordinated at-home events;

-and more.

“Our intention is to foster a culture of giving and receiving, of bringing out the best in ourselves and each other, as we all experience uncertainty and discomfort in these difficult times,” says Kim Mitchell, director of community programs and relations for the Town of Lyons. “We truly are lucky in Lyons…to have wide open spaces, to have well-cared for amenities, to have one other.”

So, when this pandemic is over, and it WILL be over someday, we will have shown our courage and strengthened our community muscles, once again, remembering that connection is the vital energy that surges between us. And that energy goes both ways…from me to you, from you to me. Every day in every way. When we pay attention, show up and participate.

That’s how we build and maintain a connected community in a disconnected world.

Let’s do this, Lyons…grab your mask, your grit, your grace and your gratitude and get out and PLAY this summer!

For more information on how to participate, visit or follow this effort at or on Instagram at lyons_colorado.