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Nestled on the edge of the Rockies Lyons hosts a diverse array of hiking trails. Hikers can stock up on sustenance before their hike or weary hikers can enjoy a celebratory meal and beverage upon their return to town (visit our Eat & Drink page). Learn more about the various hiking trails below.

Hall Ranch

[13.5 miles of moderate/difficult trails]
Just west of Lyons, you'll find the rolling grasslands and sandstone buttes of Hall Ranch. The over 3,000 acres of open space provides excellent viewing opportunities for wildflowers, animals, and scenic landscapes.

Heil Valley Ranch / Picture Rock Trail

[14.5 miles of easy/moderate trails]
With beautiful hanging valleys, picturesque vistas, and forest meadows that seem to cling to the sky, Heil Valley Ranch is a playground for wildlife. It only takes one visit to this 5,020-acre property to turn a sedentary person into an outdoor enthusiast.

Rabbit Mountain

[6 miles of easy/moderate trails]
Rabbit Mountain is located between Lyons and Longmont. It comprises over 2,733 acres with five miles of trails that take you over sweeping grasslands and through ridge top pine forests.

Lions Gulch Trail

The Lion Gulch trail offers access to the Homestead Meadows National Historic District, which is the location of a number of homesteads that were established in the late 1880's and inhabited through the 1940's. It is also part of critical winter range and migration corridor for elk.

Button Rock Preserve

Button Rock is located in a quiet river valley about 7 miles west of Lyons, Colorado. Within this walk-in only preserve you will find Longmont and Ralph Price Reservoirs along the North Saint Vrain Creek. The park creates a unique experience for visitors, providing opportunities to view wildlife, the natural environment and water management facilities at a close level. Trails within Button Rock Preserve offer scenic views and plenty of exercise for an afternoon outing. These trails also enable anglers to access many back-country fishing locations.