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Halloween Treasure H(a)unts

  • Fri Oct 23, 2020 - Sun Nov 1, 2020

Throughout town, there are treasures in disguise; can you solve the riddles to earn the prize?

Two spooky Halloween treasure hunts are underway in Lyons - Creepy Creatures for younger monsters and Lyons Halloween Hunt for older gremlins. Each clue will provide a hint to the location of the next clue. Solve all the clues to find the treasure and claim your prize. Check back in to this page for clues if you get stuck. Good luck!

Clue #1

Creepy Creatures Halloween Hunt
I’m big, scary, and furry and I like to swim.
Find my spot and you might find him.

Lyons Halloween Hunt
Next to the river I am building my nest,
I watch over gardens when I need rest.
Hoo do I call when someone rings my bell?
Hopefully I finish building before the rivers swell.