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New Home Business License Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Home Business
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  4. 4. Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control Program
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  • Step One

    1. Home Business License Application

      As set forth in the Lyons Town Code, an annual business license is required for all businesses operating in the Town of Lyons. Business licenses expire on December 31 of each year.

      It is the business owner’s responsibility to remember that business licenses must be renewed each January. Failure to renew may result in the revocation of the license as indicated in Section 2-1-10 of the Lyons Town Code.

      Business licenses of any type, including both renewing and new businesses, are $50.

      Renewing business license applications and payments must be submitted on or before Wednesday, Jan. 30. All renewals submitted after 4:30 p.m. on January 30 will be issued a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the license fee, and an additional five percent (5%) of the original fee will be added on the last day of each calendar month (LMC § 6-1-100).

      Payment information is listed at the end of the application. 

      There are several zoning restrictions for home businesses. Please provide detailed information on your business in this application.  Please review the Lyons Municipal Code on Home Businesses. 

      Sec. 16-10-30. - Home businesses.    

      1. Standards. A home business shall be allowed as a permitted accessory use, provided that all of the following conditions are met:
        1. Such use shall be conducted entirely within the principal dwelling and/or an accessory structure associated with the residential use and shall be carried on by the inhabitants of the principal dwelling and a maximum of one (1) employee.
        2. Such use shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes and shall not change the character thereof.
        3. The total area used for such purposes shall not exceed one-half (½) the first floor area of the user's dwelling unit.
        4. There shall be no substantial retailing or wholesaling of stocks, supplies or products conducted on the premises of a home business; however, delivery of retail products to the consumer off the premises, such as in the course of an Internet or mail order business, shall be permitted.
        5. There shall be no exterior storage on the premises of supplies or materials used in the home business.
        6. There shall be no storage, use or discharge of any chemically hazardous or explosive materials within the structures or upon the exterior of the property.
        7. A home business shall not generate or result in nuisances such as noise, vibration, odor, glare, fumes, electromagnetic interference or hazards greater than that usually associated with residential uses.
        8. A home business shall provide an off-street parking area adequate to accommodate all needs created by the home business.
        9. Such use shall not produce traffic volumes of more than eight (8) business-related vehicle visits daily. The employee, if any, shall be included in the count of business-related vehicle visits.
        10. Business-related visits to the home business are only allowed from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.
          1. Permitted identification signs for home businesses are described in Subsection 16-9-120(a) of this Chapter.
    2. Changes to Building

      If you have questions about making exterior or interior alterations to your building please see our Doing Business in Lyons web page, and reach out to our Community Development Department at if you need additional information. If you intend to do a different type or level of activity in your space than before (e.g. changing the space from retail to food service) please contact our Community Development Department.

    3. Town of Lyons Business License Application
      This application must be completed in full.
    4. Please Check One*
    5. (This may be a Facebook page or other informational hosting site. Please mark N/A if you/your employees do not manage your business's content online.)
    6. Please select the zoning district in which your business is located:*
    7. Type of Business*

      Please mark all the industries that best describe your business. Restrictions apply to retail and manufacturing in a residentially zoned building. Please provide a detailed business description. 

      If you are operating as a home bakery or other food service manufacturing please select manufacturing. You may be required to hold a Boulder County Retail Food License. 

    8. Please provide a general description of operations, including primary products and/or services.
    9. Please upload a scan or image of your current Boulder County Retail Food Establishment License.

    10. Required by all Retail and Commercial Food businesses.