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Main Street: Open for Business

  1. Main Street: Open for Business

    The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) with funding from SB21-252 will support efforts by local governments and regional collaborations to engage in small business relief through Main Street: Open for Business. 

    This Initiative supports façade improvements and energy efficiency projects for businesses in the states traditional downtowns. The program is designed to: 

    • increase visual appeal
    • increase sales and revenues in rehabilitated buildings 
    • reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills 
    • increase job retention/creation
  2. Application and Project Requirements of Building/Business Owner
    • Completed application, with commitment to implement project, signed by the building and business owner(s).
    • Completed Internal Revenue Service Form 1099. Building owners will be responsible for paying taxes on their award.
    • Compliance with all local design guidelines and local protocol for all building improvements including obtaining any required permits and approval of desired improvements (such as Historic Preservation Commission and/or Design Committee.
    • Photo(s) of the structure showing the current condition.
    • Drawings/sketches of proposed improvements (e.g., replacement of windows, doors,   etc). 
    • Cost estimates for proposed improvements following local procurement guidelines. Cost estimates should be in a line-by-line format for each modification.
    • Building owners shall agree at the time of application to maintain the improved façade for a two-year period of time.
    • Work must be approved by the granted entity before work begins or no funds will be reimbursed. 
    • No funds spent prior to an executed grant agreement will be reimbursed.
    • All project work to be reimbursed must be completed by June 30, 2022.
  3. Building and Planning

    Your project may require a building permit. After submitting your application, please reach out to for information on the type of permitting you need and how to start the process. 

    If your building is within the Design Guidelines applicability area, your project may require planning review. 

    If your building is on the National Register for Historic Places, your project may require review from the Historic Preservation Commission and/or staff. Projects that involve removing historic elements/facades are not applicable in this grant.  

  4. Templates

    Blank forms are available for download below. Please fill them out and upload into the application. 

  5. City, State, Zip

  6. City, State, Zip

  7. Please state the estimated date the proposed project would be completed. 

  8. Please state the total amount you are requesting. This should also be included on your budget spreadsheet.

  9. Please state who will be responsible for submitting invoices for reimbursement to the Town of Lyons and who to contact with information on reporting grant progress to DOLA. 

  10. Design Guidelines

    Is your proposed project located in the design guidelines applicability area (see map)? 

    If “Yes,” and if your project requires a building permit, your project will require Planning review for compliance with the Lyons Commercial and Mixed-Use Development Design Standards and Guidelines (see LMC 16-6).

  11. Documents

    Please upload the following documents.

  12. Please upload your completed spreadsheet. 

  13. Please upload your completed and signed document here. You may also submit a hard copy to Town Hall. 

  14. This can be used for photos/etc.

    • Applying for a Main Street: Open for Business Grant does not guarantee you will receive a grant.
    • DOLA is requiring a 20% match from the applying building/business owner.
    • Depending on the number of applications received, DOLA may not be able to fully reimburse submitted and approved expenses.
    • Applicant acknowledges that any grant amount awarded is treated as taxable income and subject to IRS 1099 reporting.
    • Incomplete applications cannot be considered. Late applications cannot be considered. 

    I certify under penalty of law that the information submitted herein is true, accurate, and complete. I am aware there are significant penalties for submitting false information, including the possibility of fines and/or imprisonment.

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